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Super Affiliate System Pro

World’s Best Result-Generating Online Training Course Designed by the Expert John Crestani Himself. Get Ready to Build a Profitable Online Business from (Literally) Scratch.




Here’s everything you will get when you join SAS Pro TODAY:


What You’re Going To Sell

In a sea of products and offers, the key to success is finding the hidden gems. We know exactly where they are. When you join SAS PRO, you’ll…

Where To Sell Your Product

After you’ve got your audience hooked, it’s all about reeling them and securing the sale with a pre-sell page. We’re going to give you an entire library of presell pages that have generated millions of dollars. Inside, you’ll get…

Finding People To Sell Products To

Learn how to get your products in front of the right people so you can make big profits. You’re going to get access to millions of dollars worth of testing, tweaking, and perfecting, that means your products will be exactly where they need to be for maximum income-potential.Inside, you’ll learn…

All This Includes

That Means That You’re Getting

Lifetime Access to Super Affiliate System PRO Worth $4,985.00

Million Dollar Swipe File: Copy & Paste Ads! Worth $2,997.00

Click & Copy, Done-For-You Presell Pages Worth $1,247.00

The Best Products + Guaranteed Acceptance Worth $1,497.00

24/7 VIP Concierge & 4x Monthly Coaching Calls Worth $2,497.00

No-Risk, Success Guarantee (Get Your Money Back!) PRICELESS

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We are proud to tell you that the claims we make and the guarantees we give, have solid facts and case studies to back them up! That means that you don’t have to believe anything we’re saying…Our students’ results speak for themselves!

With This System The Sky Isn’t The Limit - The Stars Are!

We have THOUSANDS of students of all ages, located all over the globe, and those belonging to diverse walks of lives. No matter who they are and at what age they started, they are seeing STUNNING results.

Yes, our students are ordinary human beings, just like you and I, and they’ve witnessed groundbreaking life and career transformations using SAS PRO. Fasten your seatbelts…Because these transformations are about to happen to you, too!

And Watch What These Students Have To Say!

Brian Pfeiffer another one of our members was a Limo Driver before joining and now making 3-5K a day!

Pastor Tyler Elison has made over $1,500,000.00 with this system

We want you to succeed and this course is designed for your success! We are giving you all the tools needed, student success stories, 100% money back guarantee and so much more at 96% off the total value of this course package. This is all possible because SAS Pro’s creator and multi-millionaire himself, wants to see you succeed like he has. His name is:

John Crestani

John Crestani is an internationally-renowned expert in affiliate marketing. Since (involuntarily) leaving his crushy job in the corporate world, in just a couple of years he’s gone on to build an empire in the affiliate marketing space. And now he’s taken it upon himself to teach a handful of aspiring marketers how they too can get a piece of the affiliate marketing action.

In 2012 John started his own business with the goal of being able to live a low-stress life, make millions per year, travel the world, and do fun stuff. His business has consistently earned 7-figures per year since 2014 and have done this without any employees.

John now lives on a small 2 acre horse ranch in Malibu California with his wife a two daughters, and enjoy flying helicopters, kite-surfing, and reading science-fiction books. Join John and gain exposure to his unparalleled insight and experience, and become part of a community of people who share your aspirations. Now is the time for you to start living the dream.

Watch This Insider Tour

Of our latest version of Super Affiliate System Pro (v3) By John Crestani himself!

Life of John Crestani!

John Crestani Has Been Featured On

SAS PRO Has Overwhelmingly Positive Reviews

By using John’s “Buyer List” and optimization tips I was able to get a profitable campaign on Facebook on the first day!

Everything is split up into easy to follow videos usually around 15-25 minutes. The course is divided in 6 weeks, each week you will be focusing on a different topic. Off course you can go faster, but it is NOT advised to skip over any content… Of course I haven’t tested all of the swipes, images, offers, networks… But the ones that John provided me with brought in results.

Ziga Breznik /

John breaks things down in a VERY easy to follow ‘step-by-step’ way that even the newest newbie can follow.

Super Affiliate System was 100% ReShot from the Ground up for this 2019 Release… Super Affiliate System provides an easy-to-follow course helping people become successful paid traffic affiliate marketers in 6 weeks… you’ll start off with a VERY small ad spend ($5.00 a day or so), and scale up ONLY once that’s profitable! The Ready2Launch campaigns are templates for you that include EVERYTHING you need to set up an ad campaign

Jeff Lenney /

He definitely walks the walk with this stuff.

Once you go through the course you’ll have a very good understanding of how paid advertising for affiliate marketing works and should have a much higher success rate than before…

He definitely walks the walk with this stuff. In a way he proved his strategy works.

Drew /

The bonuses are worth the cost of the whole course

I can vouch that he knows his stuff and despite the flashy marketing he employs (not my cup of tea), he’s a good guy… everything is clearly organised into a logical manner… the bonuses are worth, in my opinion, more than the cost of the whole course… He shows you how to use the lists as custom audiences, then create lookalike or similar audiences to market niche related offers. This is huge!

Adam Payne /

The Super Affiliate System is a breath of fresh air

I wanted to share some proof that I have earned an affiliate income myself! Below is a snapshot of some commissions I earned back in June of 2018. The sale was part of a payment plan, so I have netted close to $1,500 USD just from that sale alone!

Jeremy Z /

Best Paid Traffic Course for Marketers

This course has all training you need to be a successful affiliate or CPA marketer… Super Affiliate System is one of the best affiliate marketing and CPA marketing courses i have seen on the internet. The system and training really works and it’s practical to help you get good results.

Nguyen Haitran /

The most invaluable part is the weekly webinar where all students can discuss their progress with our coaches

I highly recommend Super Affiliate System 3.0 to any new affiliate marketers out there. This system should give you the jumpstart that you need to get started, especially in this day and age where we are being bombarded with so much information and misinformation. What to trust and what not to trust. John Crestani will be there to distill it for you in a language you can understand. With over 50 hours of high-quality instructional video content, you are in good hands to learn from the best.

Mr Product Reviews /

His lessons consist of real-life experiences, how-to tutorials… and earning a sizable profit.

John Crestani provides very informative training whereas those who applied for the course can definitely be properly equipped after the course. Aside from that, this program is initially aimed at those who are new to internet marketing. It goes from point to point until every information is properly laid out for the beginners.

Navjot Singh, Former Pharmacist /

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